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Why choose us

Selling your property is probably going to be the biggest financial event of your life with significant sums of money being transferred.

We at TPS understand this and we aim to provide a high quality professional service to make the transition run as smoothly as possible.

  • We provide our clients with regular updates at each step of the selling process
  • Once your property is on the open market, it is important that experienced sales professionals are working hard for you to create maximum interest and follow through all enquiries
  • High quality photography is vital in the selling of your property. We endeavour to invest in the latest photography equipment and software to ensure your property looks its best and have just purchased the giraffe 360 camera
  • We offer full inhouse services including Mortgage Advisors, Insurance Brokers, Energy Performance Surveyors, Rental Management and of course Property sales, ensuring all your needs are met under one roof

Our promise to you

  • We will listen and respond to your specific requirements
  • We will actively promote the sale of your property through our multi-media approach, multiple property websites, social media platforms, quality photography and last but not least, our experience, local knowledge, connections and the learned ability to understand the hopes and aspirations of the client and the wants and needs of potential customers
  • We will qualify applicants properly and report their financial status as accurately as possible
  • We will recommend reliable solicitors and surveyors
  • We offer expertise on how to maximise the chance of selling and value of your sale and letting
  • We don't work on commission based fees and therefore we offer every client a fixed fee, ensuring you have a clear idea of cost from the outset

The pathway to selling your home

  1. Instruct TPS to sell your property
  2. We will discuss a pricing strategy for your home. Once you are happy with this price, we will begin the process of listing your property
  3. We will take full measurements, details and photographs from your property and carry out your energy performance survey if you do not have one
  4. We will produce a draft 'for sale' brochure for you to check. Once you have signed off on the main brochure and agency agreement, the property will be listed on all the main property portals, our website, social media, in office and we will contact any suitable buyers we have on our books
  5. Potential buyers will contact us to arrange viewings at your property. We will liaise with you to find a suitable time for everyone
  1. If a viewer is interested in your property and wishes to make an offer, we will ascertain their position, ie first time buyer, homemover etc.
  2. Once an acceptable offer has been made on your property and you decide to accept, you will then need to instruct a solicitor (we can provide you with recommendations and quotes for a solicitor)
  3. Your solicitor will give you regular updates and once all conveyancing has been completed and the funds to purchase have been made available, they will ask you to call in and sign the contract
  4. You will be made aware of a completion date
  5. The completion date will be the day your property officially sells. Keys are handed over at this point and then account will become payable

Top 10 tips for selling

Kerb appeal

First impressions are important, so check your 'kerb appeal'. Tidy the front garden, paint window sills, front door and fencing if necessary.

Make sure the house number is clearly visible and your door bell is working if you have one. Any shrub beds should be well maintained and grass cut. Make sure paths are swept and no litter is lying around.


Make sure your home has been decluttered; the viewer needs to imagine themselves living there. Rooms inside should be kept clean, tidy and if you have pets make sure any animal smells are neutralized.

Viewing plan

Decide in advance what order you're going to show the rooms in. Allow viewers to enter a room and then follow them in, this allows them a better view of the room and, if it's a small one, will make it feel larger. After you have shown the viewers all your rooms, allow them to walk around on their own. Always be waiting for the viewers in your best room, so when they finish looking around they leave from her, with that room as their final thought.

Use of space

It may sound obvious but a double bedroom has more value than a single bedroom and a single bedroom has more value than a study, so show your rooms off to their full potential to maximise their appeal.

First impressions

a first impression is a lasting impression so make sure when you are welcoming a viewer you seem relaxed and positive about selling your property. Ensure that viewers are welcomed into a bright, warm and fresh smelling home.

Finish any DIY projects

A lick of paint can transform a room and bring it up to date. Cream and white shades have the most impact with viewers as it provides a blank canvas.

Kitchen and bathroom suites can sometimes let a property down, but you don't have to spend a fortune, replacing kitchen doors and drawers or even painting those white can transform a kitchen. Bathrooms can be updated by simply installing new taps, tiles and new shower screens. Ensure that any grouting in the bathroom is clean and white, again this can be rectified at very little cost and has a massive impact on how people perceive a bathroom.

Market your home effectively

Your viewers may not know the area your property is located in, so enthuse about the local amenities such as good schools, local swimming pool, good commuter links etc. No-one knows your home as well as you when it comes to showing off its strengths. Viewers may ask about rates, utility bills etc so its helpful to have a rough idea of these. Have a few brochures in the house incase they haven't already got one, there are plenty of houses on the market so its vital that they remember yours.


Gardens are one of the top things viewers mention when giving feedback so its vital to show off what outdoor space you have to its full potential. View it as an extra living space and dress it accordingly. If you have a patio, demonstrate its potential for al fresco eating and entertaining. Potted plants are a quick and easy way of adding colour and can brighten up the smallest of outdoor spaces. Most importantly, make sure your garden area is kept well no matter what time of the year it is.

Accommodate viewings

Be as flexible as soon as possible when viewers ask to look at your property. If you are not able to do viewings we would be happy to do them during office hours.

View your home as a purchaser would

Be objective; see it as a potential buyer would. Don't view it as your home - view it as a seelable commodity, keeping your target purchaser always in mind.

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Feel free to contact us to discuss the sales packages we offer and how we can help you achieve your sale with minimum stress and maximum results.

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